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Raised vegetable beds, planting boxes, garden walls and ponds— use WoodBlocX to create or improve your garden today.

WoodBlocX is a timber modular system just like giant kids building bricks, enabling you to quickly and easily build: raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds, edging, seats and more. It is simple to build with, naturally beautiful, long lasting and robust enough to last for years. Each BlocX, made from sustainably-sourced timber, are light-weight and are connected using our own patented dowel molded from recycled plastic. WoodBlocX structures need no electric tools or carpentry skills. Structures built of WoodBlocX need no foundations and are strong and robust, and we warranty any individual component for 15 years.


Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 15 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

You can also use our wall calculator to design your own size garden walls or terracing, or simply just email us a quick drawing or call our office diretly to speak to a WoodBlocX designer today. Our tailor made design service is complpetely free and there is no extra cost for getting our team to design a shape or garden design unique to you.

After orders are placed, we pack them up here in our own sawmill and it will be with you 4-5 days, with easy to read instructions and building guide specifically put together for your order.

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  • Excellent service and delivery. Superior product.

    • Excellent service and delivery. Superior product.

      Lynn Simpson in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
    • Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

  • Enhances the garden - Would definitely recommend.

    • Very impressed with look and quality of finished product- turned out to be everything we hoped for. Only slight issue was the fact that it did take a bit more effort to put together than the initial video suggested which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5. However I would not want that to detract too much from the overall effect as it is an excellent product and a great addition to the garden.

      Gerrard Barr in Oundle, Northants.
    • Thank you very much Gerrard